My name is Nick Ciparro, and I am running for the 3rd District seat of Knoxville City Council. I have lived in this wonderful city most of my life and am proud to have my home and business located in the 3rd. Unfortunately, our district has been neglected and underrepresented in the last few years. Our neighborhoods are being encroached on with camps, the traffic on Western Avenue is being ignored, and our city is being thrown into terrible financial decisions that could easily be avoided.

This great city is facing a few crises that have been brought on by its current failed leadership and the positions they have taken on issues. But there is hope, we can elect people who will bring Knoxville into the prime again. Our community safety must be addressed, and the police officers doing a wonderful job need our support instead of dismissal.

Our budget needs to be taken care of and ran correctly. At one time Knoxville had an incredible surplus of funds, but our current leadership has not only squandered this but has driven the city into debt. Now we face an incredible tax hike if the course is not corrected. This “leadership” openly intends to either increase the rate or reassess everyone’s property value to increase our taxes by a very significant degree. More taxes aren’t the solution, spending wisely and efficiently is.

My wife and I are raising my son here because we love this area, and I started my business here for the same reasons. I want to help correct the course our city is going on, so we can all enjoy our lives here together for many years to come. I ask you for your support and look forward to talking with you about your concerns in the 3rd district and Knoxville. Your voice matters. If you would like to help, please reach out.